UTAH ARCHERY MULE DEER HUNT: “Archers Educated: Season 1, Part 1”


My name is Zac Griffith. I just returned from a high-country bivy Utah archery mule deer hunt. This mountain is rich with history. I killed my first four bucks in there. Taking up archery hunting about three years ago I’ve opened my eyes to new challenges and experiences I’ve missed my whole life. Archery hunting requires a lot of patience. This patience forces me to slow down, take my time and has consequently helped me see a new side of the outdoors.

No kills on this trip but some beautiful country and awesome public land mule deer. I’ve yet to harvest a mule deer in velvet with my bow. This was just another lesson added to my archer’s education.


[Artist]: GZA the Genius
[Song]: Amplified Sample —
[Album]: Beneath the Surface —
[Year]: 1999

[Artist]: Neil Young —
[Song]: Old Man —
[Album]: Harvest —
[Year]: 1972



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