Is Your Current Hunting Buddy The Best Hunting Partner For You?

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    Ever wonder if you and your hunting buddy are the best fit for each other? Well, if you have been wondering. Just take our simple "Hunting Buddy Quiz" to see if you both are a match.

    Check Off Everything You Know About Your Hunting Buddy:

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    1. Know their middle name.
    2. Know their phone number (by heart).
    3. Know their father’s middle name.
    4. Know thier hunting boot size.
    5. Their zodiac sign.
    6. Their phone password or unlock pattern.
    7. Favorite wild game dish.
    8. Least favorite wild game dish.
    9. The kind of foods that make them fart uncontrollably.
    10. The time of day they were born.
    11. The time they went to bed last night.
    12. The time they woke up this morning.
    13. The time of day they usually shower.
    14. How often they actually shower.
    15. The real reason they shot and missed their first deer.
    16. The name of every hunting dog they've ever had.
    17. The location where they hide the extra booze at the cabin.
    18. The name of their taxidermist.
    19. The name of their favorite stuffed and wall-mounted critter.
    20. Their favorite camo pattern & brand.
    21. Their second favorite camo pattern and brand.
    22. What their farts usually sound like.
    23. What their farts usually smell like.
    24. The photo that’s currently their phone wallpaper.
    25. Their favorite late-night snack.
    26. The brand of deer hunting scent they use.
    27. The brand of ammo they shoot.
    28. The location of their favorite fishing hole.
    29. How many days they’ll go during hunting season without washing their underwear.
    30. What the first weapon they ever owned was.

    All 1 questions completed!

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    Is Your Current Hunting Buddy The Best Hunting Partner For You?

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