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Marzio Tamer: An Italian Artist Who Knows Animals and to Paint



Sleeping Wolf by Marzio Tamer: An Italian Artist

Marzio Tamer is an artist who prefers to surprise with his artistic genius rather than with special effects.

For this reason he is a discreet man, he doesn’t join social events, yet he captivates through his amazing and recognizable works.  And anyone who has the chance of observing his works knows that the adjective is neither redundant nor excessive.


His production doesn’t need any written comment, intellectual interpretation, or media filter: it is beauty and ability in the pure state.



Landscapes, animal portraits and still lives show a rare pictorial awareness, not to mention the precious refinement of his palette, often monochrome and capable of surrounding the observer with atmospheres that from time to time are tense, romantic, leaden, however always moving.



Unfortunately, this Lombard artist has a small production, and his appearances are as much limited. Finally, a new publication appears after three years, completing an exhibition in Milan which will be held in Salamon & C., the gallery that has been representing him for more than twenty years. The catalogue includes the works made during the last five years with “his” animals as subjects.



Eighteen animal portraits depicted accurately to within a millimetre, precision we all know in reason of his technical expertise and ability to observation; yet set in an unprecedented void of space and time. In fact, in these last years Tamer drop the typically American idea of setting his protagonists in their natural contest preferring a suspended place, as he likes to define it. An imaginary space without any element, yet offering the animal the necessary support and giving Tamer the concentration to focus on the body mass of the selected reptile, mammalian, bird, rendered sculptural and astonishing.

Words that may seem contradictions, yet by observing the paintings they become meaningful.


In the exhibition both aquarelles, showing never reached before virtuosic abilities, and egg tempera on wood – technique at the root of his career – and, novelty, some first and incredible oils on canvas will be displayed.



The exhibition will open on 2 December and for the special occasion the video portraying Marzio Tamer while working will be presented to press and public.


Private View:
December 2, 2014
6,30 | 8,30 pm


Till: December 20 , 2014


Marzio Tamer:
Eighteen paintings
both acquerelle
and egg temperas board

Italy | Milano | 20122
Via San Damiano, 2



For more information contact:
Lorenza Salamon
Tel +39 335 5894 218

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