CAP10Slider Moving Shooting Target
CAP10Slider Moving Shooting Target

CAP10Slider can move cardboard targets of animals, humans, and birds at a different speed


PHOENIX, AZ, AUGUST 4 2017 It is easy to hit a bullseye which is still as a statue. Does that make you a good marksman? Go into the wild, your target is not sitting under the tree inviting you to hit it. The moment you see your target -your position, the discrete movements, velocity, target’s pace and acceleration, range of the target, reflexes, and body posture- all come into account to define the accuracy of your shot. Shooting a fixed target is not enough to prepare you for the real world hunting environment. And the maker of CAP10Slider, Amblem, realized this problem and began working on the solution since March 2017.

Amblem tuned up the level of challenge for shooting enthusiasts and hunters. They developed the CAP10Slider, a moving target system, which can hold post with cardboard cutout target of animals, birds, or even human shapes. The system has inbuilt wireless controller that connects to your phone allowing you to change the speed of the target from 350 yards away. Moreover, it weighs 7 pounds, light enough to carry it in the field.

CAP10Slider comes with a power bank so you can practice shooting for 3 long hours. Amit M, the owner of Amblem, says, “The CAP10Slider will change the sports of shooting, hunting, and military and law enforcement training.” It is a perfect system in the market for the people who like to shoot but don’t wish to harm animals unnecessarily.

There are not many moving targets that help you to enhance the leading target skills. With CAP10Slider, marksman can practice sustained lead, pull-away, or swing-through method to aim at moving targets. One can improve the sense of the speed and distance of the moving target.

The price of CAP10Slider is relatively higher compared to fixed shooting gong targets. But, CAP10Slider comes with all exciting features that outcasts other shooting targets in the market. The presale program will allow customers to buy CAP10Slider at starting price of 159 USD on Indiegogo. “This is the first of its kind for the home market,” says Amit M. “It can also be purchased by sheriff’s departments, hunt clubs and private security firms to help their applicants hone skills.”

Amblem will soon launch the CAP10Slider on Indiegogo coming August 2017. More info on CAP10Slider can be found at

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