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Another Old Bowhunter by Tom Kidwell

Hunter Shares Passion for Bows, Friendship in New Memoir; Book by Tom Kidwell

Bowhunter Tom Kidwell has a way with stories, hooking readers with the very first chapter in this new memoir from Dog Ear Publishing. This collection of stories by... Unveils High-Resolution Satellite Tracking Tool Unveils High-Resolution Satellite Tracking Tool is an interactive, online tracking tool and social media website that allows hunters to document, manage and share their hunting experience. A free, membership-based website, Big Game Logic offers high-resolution satellite-based camp map tracking with heat map technology and detailed journaling with integrated weather, moon phase and more.
dan coonan

Dan Does Des Moines Legendary Gun Designer Dan Coonan to Appear at Brownells Gunsmith...

Coonan Inc. is pleased to provide gunsmiths, gunsmithing students and industry professionals the opportunity meet and talk gunsmithing with Dan Coonan, inventor and designer of the Coonan .357 Magnum Automatic 1911-style pistol. The legendary gun designer will be at the Coonan Inc. booth on Friday, April 27, and Saturday, April 28, 2012, at Brownells 6th Annual Gunsmith Career Fair.
Deer hunter with trophy buck

High Adventure Ranch’s Produce Elusive Trophy Whitetail Deer

High Adventure Ranch’s Breeding Methods Produce Elusive Trophy Whitetail Deer High Adventure Ranch invests in a natural breeding method to develop the prized trophy whitetail deer that will appeal to large game hunters.

Website Gizmoplans Releases DIY Crossbow Plans

Do it Yourself Website Gizmoplans Releases DIY Crossbow Plans which Turns any Compound Bow into a Crossbow New compound bow crossbow plans device aids people with physical limitations. The plans show how to make a crossbow from a compound bow which enables people with physical limitations to drawback, hold and shoot standard archery equipment.

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