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Big Game HuntingDeer Hunting with Shotgun

Deer Hunting with Shotgun

Even though traditional deer hunting rifles are the choice of many deer hunters.

Shotguns are fast becoming the deer hunting weapon of choice for many deer hunters. Deer Hunting with shotgun is a great way for taking down whitetail deer.

Deer hunters in the early days of hunting were fond of using smooth-bore slug guns like shotguns for deer hunting because they were affordable and easy to use.

It’s true. Times have changed, and the type of deer hunting gun you use to take game has evolved, too. There are now many advantages to hunting deer with a shotgun as opposed to a deer hunting rifle. Most of the benefits to hunting deer with shotgun are a matter of personal preference, and it just depends on what sort of deer hunting experience you want to enjoy.


Not a Long-Range Hunting Gun

When it comes to reaching for long-distance shots, there’s no denying that shotguns are inferior to rifles. With some practice and technique, however, you can make some incredible kill shots during deer hunting with a shotgun.

I remember the frustration I had when I first started deer hunting with shotgun. I was trying to hunt deer with my 20 gauge shotgun and I kept shooting at deer, even some nice bucks that I felt were within shooting range of a shotgun. However, it wasn’t until I visited with some other deer hunters that I realized that I was able to see a lot more deer hunting ground than my shotgun’s 20 gauge slug deer could ever reach out to make an effective kill shot on a whitetail using a shotgun for deer hunting.

The thing to remember about deer hunting with shotgun is that the shotgun is a short-range gun. In fact, you can pretty much count on a shooting distance of roughly 75-150 yards being your maximum range depending on whether you’re shooting a smooth-bore or rifled barrel shotgun.

The Shotgun is the Ultimate Deer Hunting Brush Gun

The Shotgun is the Ultimate Deer Hunting Brush Gun - Hunting Magazine
The Shotgun is the Ultimate Deer Hunting Brush Gun – Hunting Magazine

Deer hunters who use a shotgun for deer hunting have an almost magical advantage when it comes to stalking and taking their whitetail deer in thick cover. Which makes deer hunting with a shotgun such an advantageous weapon for deer hunters. The shotgun deer hunters are the only deer hunters who routinely use shotguns for this purpose.

The traditional deer hunting rifle rounds are more prone to be reactive to interference from underlying brush, hidden tree limbs while en route to their target than a deer hunting shotgun slug that will literally plow right through anything that gets in its path – much like a bulldozer.

Deer hunting with shotgun is a great idea when you’re hunting in a treestand in a tree in a remote location surrounded by dense underbrush and less than idea kill shot opportunities. In deer hunting situations like this, there’s no better deer hunting gun to have in your hands than a shotgun.

Move Freely When Deer Hunting with Shotguns

Rifles also tend to be longer and heavier than shotguns and are typically most of times used for stationary deer hunting such as treestand hunting and deer hunting areas where you can take long-range shots at deer such as open deer woods and open fields. Deer hunting with shotgun is best when you have a dense or tight quartered area where you are hunting and taking shots at deer.

A lot of deer hunters have opted for deer hunting with shotgun on deer drives over the years.
This is because deer hunting with shotgun is easy to handle when slipping through the brush on a spot-n-stalk deer drive or deer hunt in the thick of the deer woods.

Another added benefit to deer hunting with shotgun is that the shotgun has many options for you to really deck it out in a full-featured deer hunting weapon. You can add a shotgun scope and rifle barrel to your shotgun these are just two of the many ideas you can have available to you if you decide to take advantage of deer hunting with shotgun. By just adding a shotgun rifle barrel you can effectively extend the range of your deer hunting shotgun to more than 100+ yards.

Deer Hunting Shotgun’s Pack a Punch

One of my favorite old wives’ tales that always seem to come up in the deer hunting camp is the amount of punch the deer hunting shotgun tends to pack.
Think again. A “high-powered” deer hunting rifle is not necessarily a “powerful” rifle. A 12 gauge deer hunting shotgun can pack one heck of a powerful and lethal punch. Thus, putting down any deer very easily with an effective clean kill shot.

Now, I do still believe that traditional deer hunting rifles like the 30-30, 30-06, .270, and other popular deer hunting calibers will still get most of the time in the deer woods, but shotguns can still keep up with the pack.


A Shotgun is an Affordable Deer Hunting Gun

A Shotgun is an Affordable Deer Hunting Gun - Hunting Magazine
A Shotgun is an Affordable Deer Hunting Gun – Hunting Magazine

My personal opinion for what it’s worth is as follows: If you can only afford one gun to own, you should make to buy and own a 12 gauge shotgun.

A 12 gauge shotgun is such a versatile hunting gun. A 12 gauge shotgun will allow you to shoot ducks, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, quail, and of course, deer. It truly is the best bargain a hunter will ever buy. The gun can simply do it all!

A 12 gauge shotgun will also allow you to kill just about anything that walks, flies, or crawls on the ground. In fact, its only limitation when it comes to hunting is the size of the animal you are trying to kill. I mean, I surely wouldn’t put a 12 gauge shotgun up against hunting a grizzly or a bull moose at close quarters. But for deer hunting, a shotgun can do it all.

You also have a lot of versatility with the shotgun, as it’s easy to get a variety of different shooting accessories such as a shotgun scope and other things to outfit your deer hunting shotgun for pretty much any budget.

Deer Hunting with Shotgun-Only in Some States and Special Hunting Zones

Deer Hunting with Shotgun-Only in Some States and Special Hunting Zones - Hunting Magazine
Deer Hunting with Shotgun-Only in Some States and Special Hunting Zones – Hunting Magazine

It is legally required for deer hunters in some parts of the country to use a shotgun to take a deer. In other words, if you are a deer hunter and live in an area of the country where it is illegal to hunt deer with anything other than a shotgun, you must then make sure that you get comfortable with the idea of deer hunting with shotgun.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Some states, regions, public lands, refuges, and wildlife management areas are restricted to only allowing hunters to use a shotgun to hunt game. Generally, urban areas and some special deer hunting zones are deemed to be shotgun-only deer hunting areas. Be sure to review your state and local hunting laws to be certain you are hunting within the requirement of the hunting laws.

Shotgun-only deer hunting areas don’t limit the number of deer you’ll see during the deer hunting season, but they do limit the quality of deer you’ll be seeing. Deer hunters that actively hunt shotgun-only deer hunting areas tend to brag that they tend to see bigger more mature bucks in shot-gun only hunting areas. Also, shotgun-only deer hunting areas also tend to be safer places for public land hunters to deer hunt.


In Summary

Today’s deer hunters choosing to deer hunt with a shotgun have a great number of benefits that make deer hunting with a shotgun more accurate, more enjoyable, safer, and more beneficial in any deer hunting situation than ever before.

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