Daniel Defense 300s POI Shift


As the 300 BLK becomes increasingly popular for home defense I am often asked about the impact shift between supersonic and subsonic ammunition.

Many understand the advantages of either and want both at the ready. I understand completely since my Daniel Defense 300S sits ready with Subsonic for use across the room, while a magazine of Barnes 120 Grain TAC-TX is ready for longer needs. Many seemed concerned that changing between them would suffer reliability issues and a completely different point of impact. Add a suppressor to the mix and it seemed to bring even more questions.

Given practical self defense distances any concern has just not played out during my actual testing. Several weapons tested of late have proven very consistent across the board. Equipped with a Trijicon MRO my Daniel Defense 300S is zeroed at 50 yards using the supersonic ammunition. Loaded with Daniel Defense 220 Grain subsonic the impact shift is minimal at best, mostly non-existent at 15 yards and within two inches at 25 yards. Shooting with or without the suppressor seems to have little effect either.

To test the theory my 300S was loaded with 20 rounds of Daniel Defense 220 Grain and fired at 15 yards, typical distances encountered in home defense. The Trijicon MRO was aimed just above the red center of the target. After emptying the magazine a transition was made to either the Barnes 110 or 120 Grain TAC-TX and fired holding the same point of aim. The exercise was completed both with and without the Silencerco Omega 30 Suppressor. As my video shows the impact shift was minimal to non-existent with only one shot falling out of the group, and that was attributed to me, not the gun. Also notice the Daniel Defense worked equally well under every condition with all the ammunition.

Not every 300 BLK rifle will do this for sure, but many do, and to date the Daniel Defense 10.3 inch SBR has been on of the most consistent. Consistent enough that it remains within reach most of the time. Make sure to test your rifle and ammunition under these conditions, but this kind of versatility is one of the 300 BLK cartridges best attributes. It is fast becoming one of the best home defense and self protection rounds available, and coupled with the proven rugged reliability of the Daniel Defense rifles you get the best of both worlds!

By Dave Bahde

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