Hunting Day Slovak University of Agriculture

Hunting Day Slovak University of Agriculture

The game management comprises a branch focused on keeping, protection, refining, and hunting of the game with economic utilize of venison. It is a part of agricultural and...
How-to Make Your Own Bushcraft Knife

Learn How to Make a Bushcraft Knife

With just a handful of items, making a functional bushcraft knife of high quality is an easy task. Dependent on the metallurgy equipment and skills that you have,...
EXpedition Deer Rut 2018

EXpedition Deer Rut 2018

The time has come, the feast of every deer hunter. On the curly peaks of mid-Slovakia, cold wind is breaking through the trees and trying to take away...
Basset Hound with Hunter

A Day of Hunting with Good Friends and the Bassets

Von der Kalksburgerhöh Basset Fauve de Bretagne Smart, courageous and determined, the Basset Fauve de Bretagne is a serious hunter, easily adaptable to different types of game (deer, rabbit,...
Hunting day in Slovakia

Hunting Day in Slovakia

As every year during the hunting season, I'm accepting the invitation to the hunting grand where I grew up. Hunting ground Hunting company Velky Grob with the area...
Huntress Theresa Herr

A Fashionable Huntress with a Passion For Hunting

When Fashion Model Theresa Herr doesn't find herself in front of a fashion photographer's camera lens - she's roaming some country backroad hunting various wild game animals. However,...
Duck Hunting Trip in Austria

Photo Story: Duck Hunting with on The Shores of Hodonínské Rybníky

It's hard to believe that this was already the second hunting for the Austrian Organization The duck hunting trip was organized by friends Marie-Theres Zwettler and Ales...

Photo Journey: Following the Chamois Footsteps

As usual in our lives, things could happen,  events often times go differently than we expect. My vacation was approaching, and needed, total cleansing of head, body,...
A Future Hunter in the Making! Photo of Baby Jaxson with a nice Bull Moose harvested on our October 4th. 2018 Neil’s Harbour Cape Breton Moose Hunting Trip. The Moose was shot by Kris Kirk with a Browning 300 Magnum.

Fan Photos: Family Hunting Memories from Katie Lewis

Our Facebook Fan and Hunting Magazine reader Katie Lewis shared with us some exciting hunting photos of family and friends. View the Hunting Photo Gallery. Just click the...
Hunter Lindsay Burdge | Trophy Bull Elk

Fan Photos: Lindsay Burdge Drops a Big Bull Elk

We love it when our readers share with us their stunning hunting photos. Take a look at this monster bull elk that huntress Lindsay Burdge took down. This...

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