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Hunting Checklist: A Beginner’s Guide

Hunting!!!! Has this word ever fascinated you, have you ever thought of experiencing it and how your first ever experience be like -- adventurous...
Young female hunter poses with harvested White-tailed deer taken during the Minnesota firearms deer season.

5 Essential Tips For Beginner Deer Hunters

If you are just getting started out with deer hunting, you are entering hallowed ground. Humans have been hunting deer for a very long...
6 Useful Coyote Hunting Tips For Beginners | Hunting Magazine

6 Useful Coyote Hunting Tips For Beginners

Coyote hunting is popular and it is continuing to grow in popularity in America. Coyote populations are strong and regulations are liberal and hunting...
Tips for Buying Recreational Land

Tips for Buying Recreational Land

Imagine heading to your mountain chateau with the family where you enjoy mountain climbing, hunting and swimming in the summer. In the winters, your...
Oklahoma Turkey Hunting Season Photos by Chris Boswell

Oklahoma Turkey Hunting Season Photos by Chris Boswell

Ol'Tom Turkey Club We're Not Trying to Hide ;) You, Looking at Me?? Here, Hunter, Hunter! Old Wise man Oklahoma Turkey Strutting The Bearded One A Pair of Aces  

How to Bleach a Deer Skull Even if you’ve Never Done It Before

How to bleach a deer skull is something many people grapple with. So which is the best way to bleach a deer skull? I’ll...

Binoculars: A Guide for the Modern Hunter

Seasoned hunters know that using the right binoculars is right up there in terms of importance with your rifle. Making your targets easier to...

Glock 19 firing action (World of Guns: Gun Disassembly simulation)

This is shot at slow 50X with the slide and a few parts hidden. World of Guns: Gun Disassembly is free to play on...

New Guns, Weapon Tints, PDW SMG and Tattoos! (GTA5 Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 Update)

All new Weapon Tints, Custom designer engravings, Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) Sub-machine gun and tattoos! Made available as part of Update 1.27 ... source

Greedy Guns Kickstarter Teaser

GREEDY GUNS is a 2d co-op shooter, "Metal Slug meets Metroid" style, developed by Tio Atum. Support us in this Thunderclap campaign: ... source

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