Turkey Hunters Shot in Video - Hunting Magazinevideo

Video: Turkey Hunter Gets Shot from Behind By Another Hunter

Two Turkey Hunters in a natural ground blind are shot at by another hunter! Hunter Safety should always be the first thing in your mind when entering the...

Daniel Defense 300s POI Shift

As the 300 BLK becomes increasingly popular for home defense I am often asked about the impact shift between supersonic and subsonic ammunition. Many understand the advantages of...

Hunting Video: Way Out There at Western Lands – Long Range Pursuit

Gunwerks Customer Terry Fricks gets a chance at a big typical Mule Deer--at over 700 yards! We’ll see if his Gunwerks Shooting School training pays off. Learn about...
Pet Dog Chased and Attacked by Pack of Wolvesvideo

Video: Family Dog Barely Escapes Wolf Pack

A Small Family Dog Narrowly Escapes a Pack of Wolves. In this video, we watch as a pet dog is chased down by a pack of wolves. The...

Hunting Video: Wyoming Double

Watch and Follow along as hunters embark on a hunting journey of a lifetime. Tag along with them as they venture into the magnificent sage covered back-country...

How Your Food Plot Soil Gets Tested

Do you test your food plot soil? Here’s a look at the benefits and cost-savings. We visited a soil lab to show you how your food plot...
oregon poached elkvideo

Creswell, Oregon Hunter Sentenced for Poaching Trophy Bull Elk

A Creswell, Oregon hunter who shot and killed a trophy bull elk is sentenced to serve five years probation and pay $15,000 in restitution for his act. The...
Reel Trail Buy & Sell Outdoor Gear Appvideo

Video: ReelTrail | Buying & Selling Outdoor Gear Online

Outdoor enthusiasts now have the opportunity to buy and sell new, used, and vintage outdoor gear with the launch of ReelTrail, a new online marketplace with a...

Hunt Masters Mule Deer

Gregg Ritz encounters an incredible mule deer while hunting in Utah with friend and Hunt Master Travis Roundy. Likes: 29 Viewed: 32031 source

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