Pet Dog Chased and Attacked by Pack of Wolvesvideo

Video: Family Dog Barely Escapes Wolf Pack

A Small Family Dog Narrowly Escapes a Pack of Wolves. In this video, we watch as a pet dog is chased down by a pack of wolves. The...

Daniel Defense 300s POI Shift

As the 300 BLK becomes increasingly popular for home defense I am often asked about the impact shift between supersonic and subsonic ammunition. Many understand the advantages of...

Hunting Video: Wyoming Double

Watch and Follow along as hunters embark on a hunting journey of a lifetime. Tag along with them as they venture into the magnificent sage covered back-country...

How Your Food Plot Soil Gets Tested

Do you test your food plot soil? Here’s a look at the benefits and cost-savings. We visited a soil lab to show you how your food plot...

Hunting Video: Way Out There at Western Lands – Long Range Pursuit

Gunwerks Customer Terry Fricks gets a chance at a big typical Mule Deer--at over 700 yards! We’ll see if his Gunwerks Shooting School training pays off. Learn about...

How to Walk and Shoot | CCW | Concealed Carry Permit | Ready Tactical...

How to Walk and Shoot | CCW | Concealed Carry Permit | Ready Tactical LLC Reserve Your Class Now: 435. 705. 3970 More Concealed Carry Scenario ... source
Bull Moose in Rutvideo

Two Rutting Bull Moose Kill Each Other in Combat Rage

Insane Video: Two rutting bull moose managed to dual to the death while engaged in a fiery of rutting combat rage  

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