Basset Hound with Hunter

A Day of Hunting with Good Friends and the Bassets

Von der Kalksburgerhöh Basset Fauve de Bretagne Smart, courageous and determined, the Basset Fauve de Bretagne is a serious hunter, easily adaptable to different types of game (deer, rabbit,...
Recipe: Wild Turkey-Potato Dinner Wrap

Recipe: Wild Turkey-Potato Dinner Wrap

Are you tired of eating your turkey the same'ol way hunting season after hunting season? Well, if you're tired of eating the same wild game dishes like...
Top 5 Ladder Tree Stands for Deer Hunting

Top 5 Ladder Tree Stands for Deer Hunting

Every deer hunting season you are presented with the same questions - What type of hunting ladder tree stands is the best for my hunting area? Every hunting...
Whitetail Deer Buck During Rut

The 5 Best Pre-Rut Deer Hunting Tips For Bagging A Trophy Buck

If you're a serious deer hunter and your even more serious about bagging a trophy buck this deer hunting season, then you'll want to learn how-to hunt...
Lucky 7 Synthescent

Making Effective Mock Scrapes

Every hunter knows the best time to be in the woods hunting whitetail deer is during the rut. The deer are active, move all day and often travel...
Hunting day in Slovakia

Hunting Day in Slovakia

As every year during the hunting season, I'm accepting the invitation to the hunting grand where I grew up. Hunting ground Hunting company Velky Grob with the area...
How to Explain to Your Friends or Family Why You Hunt | Hunting Magazine

How to Explain Your Passion For Hunting to Your Friends

Hunting season is upon us and if you are a hunter then this is one of your favorite times of the year. It is also one of the...
Huntress Theresa Herr

A Fashionable Huntress with a Passion For Hunting

When Fashion Model Theresa Herr doesn't find herself in front of a fashion photographer's camera lens - she's roaming some country backroad hunting various wild game animals. However,...
Duck Hunting Trip in Austria

Photo Story: Duck Hunting with on The Shores of Hodonínské Rybníky

It's hard to believe that this was already the second hunting for the Austrian Organization The duck hunting trip was organized by friends Marie-Theres Zwettler and Ales...
Tips for Bow Hunting - What You Should Know

Tips for Bow Hunting – What You Should Know

Do you want to be a better bowhunter? Improving my hunting skills was my goal a few years ago, and now, I am fulfilled. Every hunter’s goal is...

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