Man Accidentally Cuts Leg Off in Logging Accident, His Will to Survive was Strong:...

Gary Edinger, a Native Wisconsinite was logging alone one cold winter day in February of 2007. This is a short video of "One Man's" incredible journey out...
Recipe: Quick Pulled Venison BBQ Sandwiches | Hunting Magazine

Recipe: Quick Pulled Venison BBQ Sandwiches

A Quick Flavorful Pulled Venison BBQ Sandwich That's Sure to Be a Family Favorite If you struggle to make new, exciting recipes with your venison your not alone....
Survival Gear And Equipment Reviews for Hikers Hunters and Outdoorsmen | Hunting Magazine

Survival Gear And Equipment Reviews

Most explorers, hikers, hunters, and everyone who love the wild should carry a survival kit with them. This will help them eat, sleep, and ward off dangerous animals...
Forest Camp Hunting Club Embroidered Patch | Hunting Magazine

How Embroidered Hunting Patches Can Help Your Hunting Club Stand-Out

When it comes to running or managing a hunting club, it’s very important to think about the overall image, and public perception of your club. Many clubs go...
Simple Guide to Cleaning Your Gun | Hunting Magazine

Simple Guide to Cleaning Your Gun

Step 1: Brush Through the Pistol Barrel Dip your bore brush in a little cleaning solvent and brush the Pistol Barrel thoroughly before setting it aside to cook...
South Carolina Antlerless Deer Hunting Tagging System | Hunting Magazine

Stay On Top Of South Carolina’s New Deer Hunting Regulations

The state of South Carolina announced on Monday, July 15th, 2019, that is going to change the way hunters harvest deer during the hunting season. For anyone that...
Happy and Successful Deer Hunter with Trophy Bow Killed Whitetail Buck Wearing Treezyn Late Seezyn Camo | Hunting Magazine

The Importance of Wearing Camo Hunting Clothing that Performs in the Field

There is no debating that Mother Nature is the Queen of Camo. Hunting apparel manufacturers and hunters alike have been trying to replicate her natural concealing perfections...
Happy Fathers Day | Hunting Magazine

Happy Father’s Day from Hunting Magazine

Happy Fathers Day from Hunting Magazine
A Beginners Guide to Hunting Binoculars | Hunting Magazine

A Beginners Guide to Hunting Binoculars

If you are a hunter you know that being able to find your target is as important as actually being able to shoot. Particularly if you are targeting...
How-to Create Your Own Back Country Camping Gear for Hunting | Hunting Magazine

Hunters and Outdoor Adventurers: Learn to Sew Your Own Backpacking Quilt

We as sportsman, hunters and all-around outdoor adventurers have this Innate talent for testing our outdoor abilities by packing into remote back-country, hiking into forbidding wilderness in-search...

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~ Recommended For You ~

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