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I love hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and pretty much everything else in the outdoors. I have a pretty darn good eye for capturing captivating images with a camera in my hands. I am somewhat nerdy, I love computers and embrace technology. I, also, consider myself a pretty darn good backyard gourmet, as well.

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Bear Hunting Make Your Hunting More Pleasurable

Though bear hunting and trading is illegal and prohibited due to endangered situation, this is still in practice. Bears are known for the imposing size, sharp sense, elusiveness and their ferocity, they are the most preferred animals for hunting.

Dan Does Des Moines Legendary Gun Designer Dan Coonan to Appear at Brownells Gunsmith Career Fair

Coonan Inc. is pleased to provide gunsmiths, gunsmithing students and industry professionals the opportunity meet and talk gunsmithing with Dan Coonan, inventor and designer of the Coonan .357 Magnum Automatic 1911-style pistol. The legendary gun designer will be at the Coonan Inc. booth on Friday, April 27, and Saturday, April 28, 2012, at Brownells 6th Annual Gunsmith Career Fair.

Prime Time Archery Announces New PT Hogg Illuminated Bow Release

The “Peep Light Release”, Prime Time Archery’s new innovative patented technology, is designed to illuminate the rear peep and front sight fiber optics of the bow. This new innovative technology, for the first time ever enables the bow hunter an accurate shot placement in low light and no light conditions.

Where to go Boar Hunting

Where to go Boar Hunting   by: Albie Berk   Boar hunting is a great sport, which many people love to participate in. However, it is not available...

Hunting Dogs

Hunting Dogs by: Graham Taylor How does one choose good hunting dogs without getting stung? Many dog breeders are like horse traders—you get what you get,...

Best Portable Hunting Cabin Plans – Be Comfortable!

Best Portable Hunting Cabin Plans - Be Comfortable!   When you are looking at portable hunting cabin plans, there are several things to keep in mind...

High Adventure Ranch’s Produce Elusive Trophy Whitetail Deer

High Adventure Ranch’s Breeding Methods Produce Elusive Trophy Whitetail Deer High Adventure Ranch invests in a natural breeding method to develop the prized trophy whitetail deer that will appeal to large game hunters.

New Barska Hunting Trail Cameras

New Barska Hunting Trail Cameras With Infrared LED Technology The newly designed trail cameras by Barska feature state of the art Infrared LED technology. Scouting a hunting trail for game has never been easier with the Barska trail cam. Available in an 8 mega pixel with 40 infrared LED lights and a 6 mega pixel with 28 infrared LED lights.