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The Camo Divas Cooking Group (Facebook) is comprised of (3) main admins: Teresa Terry "Camo Diva" Creator of the group, Bree Probert "Ink Diva", and Tammie Cook "Bama Gardener." Teresa "Reese" - I'm a wife and mother. I live in the North Eastern part of Oklahoma - Hobbies: Cook, Bake, Photography, Writing Poetry. I started my group on Facebook a few years ago to help as we learn from other people. To expand my knowledge in cooking from scratch. "Camo Divas Cooking Group" of course I'm Camo Diva. Bree Probert "Ink Diva" - Loving wife and mother of one. I live in southeast Wyoming on 100-acre ranch. My hobbies include - Fishing, hunting, camping, and horseback riding. I joined Camo Diva’s Cooking group to learn more tips and also to help others expand their knowledge of cooking and baking! Tammie Cook "Bama Gardener" - Wife mother and grandmother. We have 5 kids and 5 grandchildren. I'm from North Alabama. My hobbies are photography, quilting, cooking, and mentoring. I joined the group to share my experiences, recipes and helping others.

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