Alan J. Couture


Alan J. Couture is an attorney by day and a fiction writer by night. The skills he has learned over the years in writing persuasive legal documents have helped him hone his fiction stories to make them compelling and tightly crafted. He has had short stories published in several literary journals, and his humorous take on a classic children’s story, entitled “Alice in Legal Land,” was published in a legal magazine. After a long layoff to raise his family and develop his legal practice, he has turned once again to writing fiction and sending stories out to online journals for publication. Mr. Couture rarely misses a deer hunting season at his family’s hunting cabin in northern Michigan, which his parents bought in 1952. The colorful characters he has met there over the years—from his dad’s cronies who rarely left their card games to go into the woods, to his brothers’ city-slicker friends who pretend they know what they are doing when they buy their buck tags and try not to get lost on their way to their hunting blinds—all provide a never-ending source of ideas for amusing stories and poems like “Gatlin’ Dave.”

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GATLIN’ DAVE – A Buck Fever Hunting Poem

GATLIN’ DAVE by Alan J. Couture Gatlin’ Dave stared at the Beast with eyes of burning ice – Raised his rifle to his cheek and fired once. Then twice. The...