An Awesome Opening Day Of Duck Season In Northern Vermont!‏


I was so excited to be invited by my Good friend and Duck calling and hunting Fanatic Tyler Critchlow of Vermont for an awesome day on the water in one of his family’s top secret duck blinds!

Well I have to say, I have been in the U.S. AIR FORCE For over 16 years total service and have been to Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, and many other countries and states, and This duck hunt was the most physically demanding hunt for me in my life!! I mean we had to wade through a Lil pond, then Walk like Jesus in a sense (walk on Reeds and cattails tho) over the swampy water like squishy Sponges until you hit a bad spot and went down in the mud up to your knees!

Rex - My Little Duck Hunting Puppy in Training
Rex – My Little Duck Hunting Puppy in Training

Wow that was a tough time getting to the blind in the pitch black wearing headlamps for that 1/4 mile that seemed like HELL Falling down almost a dozen times, but I made it, and I was EXCITED to be in their awesome 2 level Custom built Blind in NW Vermont!

We got to the blind at like 5:25 am, and legal shooting time was 6:50 am, so the boys set up the decoys while I arranged stuff in the duck blind , uncased shotguns, put food away, and tried to dry a bit! They set up an awesome spread of decoys, and then we waited for 6:50 am! Right at 6:50 am, It sounded like WWIII As the skies blackened with mallards, and the Barrage on Many shotguns Began a distance away! 10 minutes later, we had a pair of Black Ducks decoy in easily for Tyler Critchlows Awesome caking with the RNT Short Barrel Acrylic call!! Three shots from the 12 Gauge Benellis, and the Black Ducks Folded! We got on the duck, and all 4 of us hunting had an awesome time on the water! It was a very challenging hunt with thousands of ducks seen, but they were difficult to decoy!

We picked up the decoys at about 12:25 pm, we had 21 Ducks in the blind with us!
We shot 13 Mallards, 4 Black Ducks And 4 Teal total that day!

Duck Hunters
The Duck Hunters – Nicholas R. Glorioso, USAF & Taxidermist – Pictured Far Right

The Duck Hunters were: Nicholas R. Glorioso, USAF & Taxidermist, Tyler Critchlow, USAF, Ryan Critchlow, Construction and Pete, Bartender in Burlington, VT.


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