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Deer Hunting Tips8 Easy Steps to Gun Cleaning How to

8 Easy Steps to Gun Cleaning How to

Gun maintenance is very important for the safety and longevity of your firearm.

A responsible gun owner should make sure that their weapon gets regular professional cleaning, both to keep it working properly but also so they can be passed down its value into future generations.

Clean firearms will always be worth something in today’s market!


With so many people becoming more and more active in hunting and shooting sports, they’re learning the importance of having a clean gun. So, we’ve broken down gun cleaning into eight easy steps.


Step #1

Make sure your gun is unloaded and that you don’t have any magazines with it when you clean it. You should check the chamber to make sure it is empty.

Note: If there are any damaged parts, be sure to check them at the same time.


Step #2

Field stripping your weapon is what you should do after a thorough inspection.  Most firearms are relatively easy to field strip, but you should consult your user manual to determine the proper procedure. If you can’t find your user manual, you may be able to find videos for your make and model of a firearm by searching YouTube.  When you’ve completed the field stripping process of your firearm, you will then have access to the barrel and any bolt assembly in the weapon.


Step #3

The barrel should be the first thing to be cleaned. The barrel needs to be Inspected closely to make sure there are no obstructions. Then place a gun cleaning patch at the end of the cleaning rod. If you can, drag the cleaning patch along the muzzle, not away from the muzzle.


Best Gun Oil for Glock - Hunting MagazineHunting Magazine Editor’s Extra Advice

Gun owners know that keeping your firearm is imperative for its safe, reliable use. There’s plenty of information out there from different people who share their experience with gun cleaning kits to those websites that offer reviews and recommendations for the best gun oil for Glock. There is just a wealth of great resources available on the internet for hunters!


Step #4

The next step is to apply Gun cleaning bore solvent to the barrel. The best way to do this is to use the gun cleaning brush attachment at the end of your gun cleaning rod. Dip the brush in the gun cleaning solvent and run it through the barrel a few times to coat the inside of the gun barrel with the gun cleaning solvent.

Note: some gun owners like to use this alternative process which is to dip a gun cleaning patch in solvent and run it towards the barrel.  After the solvent has coated the barrel, put it inside for at least ten minutes before any further cleaning. The bore solvent will have a chance to soak in and loosen.


Step #5

While you let the barrel of your gun rest in the gun cleaning solvent. It’s a good idea to move on to cleaning the remaining parts of the gun in the meantime. right now, would be the perfect time to start cleaning the frame of your firearm. This Is best done by spraying gun oil on a Gun cleaning patch and rubbing it all over the frame of your gun.


Note: Getting deep into the action on your gun is not necessary, but you should make sure to get into the cracks of the gun carefully. If you want to get into the cracks of the gun effectively, you need a gun cleaning brush.  The rails on most semi-automatic pistols such as a Glock are the most important pieces that should be cleaned.


Step #6

When you have finished cleaning your Guns frame, you should also make sure to effectively clean the bolt assembly.  Most firearms will allow you to disassemble the bolt assembly, which is a great idea for gun cleaning.


Note: It is important to clean the area around the firing pin and ejector of your gun. You can do this by gently using a brass brush dipped in bore solvent to loosen the debris if it sticks too strongly. You can reuse the same gun patch that was sprayed with gun oil to finish off this stage of the cleaning process.


use the gun cleaning brush attachment at the end of your gun cleaning rod - Hunting Magazine
Use the Gun Cleaning Brush Attachment at the End of Your Gun Cleaning Rod – Hunting Magazine

Step #7

It’s now time to finish cleaning the barrel since it has been sitting for roughly 10 minutes or more. any debris that has been in the barrel should be fairly loosened and easily be cleaned out at this point in time. you’ll want to run a brass brush on the end of your cleaning rod Through the barrel to help loosen the remnants of gunpowder and other debris that may be inside the barrel of the gun.


Note: When you have done this three or four times, run a dry cleaning patch through the barrel multiple times. You know that the patch is done when it is clean. If your barrel is dirty, you should apply more bore solvent and repeat the process.


Step #8

In this final step for effectively cleaning your gun, you’ll want to give all the moving parts of your gun a light coat of gun oil and then start the process of reassembling your firearm after you have Made sure you have thoroughly cleaned it. Make sure to properly inspect that all the pieces of the disassembled gun are back in place be certain to check over the proper functionality of the gun to be certain that everything appears to be in proper working order.


In Conclusion

The importance of cleaning your gun cannot be overstated. A responsible firearm owner should make sure that their guns are regularly cleaned and maintained, both to keep them working properly and keep their value for years down the line.

With these 8 steps, we hope that you now know how to clean your gun properly and maintain its value for years.

Happy Shooting!

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