Dark Chocolate Trail Mix

Four Awesome Trail Mix Blends to Try on Your Next Hike

There's something so appealing about trail mix, and people of all ages enjoy this popular energy snack.   The trail mix concept has been around since...
Delicious Roasted Iowa Pheasant

Wild Game Recipe: Move Over, Turkey: Pheasant for The Holidays

With wild pheasant numbers up, it's time to not only time to get out in the field hunting pheasant. But its also time to...
wild game recipe - smoked duck with orange sauce

Wild Game Recipe: Smoked Duck with Orange Sauce

With the winter winds of the holiday season blowing it brings many of us hunters back to day dreaming of sitting in the duck...
wild game recipes - pheasant or turkey Fajitas

Wild Game Recipe: Pheasant or Turkey Fajitas

Spice up your holiday dinner or make the best of leftovers with this wild game fajita recipe, featured in the Iowa Game Wardens Cookbook
Wild Game Recipe - wild pheasant or wild turkey a la king

Wild Game Recipe: Wild Turkey or Pheasant A La King

This holiday season forgo with the cooking of the tradition store bought turkey dinner and go with what Iowa Outdoors managing editor Alan Foster...


Recipe: Eggs Benedict with Duck Bacon

Recipe: Eggs Benedict with Duck Bacon

Celebrate with a Gourmet Wild Game Brunch With the ice melting off the frozen waters with it, the warmer weather brings with it our day...
Homemade Venison Bologna

Homemade Venison Bologna

Want a great way to Go GMO FREE? Make your own Venison Bologna!   This is a great recipe but it does require some time. You will...
How to Replace Salt with Herbs and Spicesvideo

How to Replace Salt with Herbs and Spices

  If your doctor suggests you reduce the salt in your diet, don't worry: you're not sentenced to a life of bland food. HuntingMagazine.net learns...