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The Hunting Magazine is your Big-game hunting authority. For us, the true meaning of hunting is for food, adventure and family. Hunting is food for both the body and mind.

Shot Placement on White-tail Deer Buck

Big Game Shot Placement: A Waiting Game of Patience

Many hunters know when the opportunity comes on a good shot to take it. Most of the time hunters will have limited chances that...
Winter Whitetail Deer - HuntingMagazine.net

Winter-Whitetails and Ground Blinds

I would like to paint you this wonderful picture that I enjoy hunting December whitetails purely for the ambiance of the winter woods, but...
A Few Quick Tips to Help You Buy the Best Hunting Pants - Hunting Magazine

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Buy the Best Hunting Pants

The argument over which hunting pants are the "Best Hunting Pants” is more than likely as old as hunting itself. Every year around deer...

Hunting Video: Wyoming Double

Watch and Follow along as hunters embark on a hunting journey of a lifetime. Tag along with them as they venture into the magnificent...
Watch for Moose on the Roadways

Motorists Beware: Darkness, Lack of Snow Increase Moose-Automobile Collision Risks

Short winter days and a widespread lack of snow for contrast are making moose especially difficult to spot along Alaska roadways, increasing the danger...
Outfitter Grade Ice Chest from Canyon Coolers

Keeping Wild Game Cool with Canyon Coolers Hunting Ice Chests

Keeping Wild Game Cool with Canyon Coolers Hunting Ice Chests   Put some thought into the type of hunting party you most enjoy. Is it a...
CWD in Whitetail in Michigan|Hunting Magazine

Alabama Whitetail Deer Hunting

Alabama whitetail Deer hunting in the south is in the blood     Becoming a pro deer hunter takes a lot of hunting experience and some very...
Barrie North, left, and Peter North, right, a father-son duo from Strafford, Vt., talk in the woods behind their home on Thursday while sporting their new invention.

Vermont Teenager Invents New Type of Hunting Camo

See3D Camo, a company founded by a son and father team, is launching a new product that rethinks how hunters camouflage themselves in the...
Deer Hunting in Stand

Deer Hunting and Scent Control

Deer Hunting and Scent Control   You don’t need to be around deer hunting very long before you hear about scent control. It is one of...

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