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Hunting Wild Boar in Lomensko

Hunting Wild Boar in Lomensko ... as every year.   As every year, in the middle of the first month I  traditionally visited common hunting event with...
Preparing Your Gun Dog For The Hunt

Preparing Your Dog For The Hunt

The First Time You Take Your Young Gundog on Its First Shoot Day is Very Exciting For Both You And Your Dog. You have spent...
Ten Point Crossbow - Is Crossbow Hunting Right for you?

Is Crossbow Hunting Right for You?

Crossbows and crossbow hunting seems to be an ever-increasing sport. Each hunting season seems to bring with it more and more crossbow manufacturers that are...

Daniel Defense 300s POI Shift

As the 300 BLK becomes increasingly popular for home defense I am often asked about the impact shift between supersonic and subsonic ammunition. Many understand...
Quality Binoculars For Birdwatching

How to Find the Highest Quality Binoculars For Birdwatching

Bird watching has been a favorite pastime around the world for many centuries. The ancient Romans spent times in the garden comparing the birds to...
How Guns are Being Used in America | Hunting Magazine

Infographic: A Factual Look at GUNS in AMERICA

  Source: American Gun Facts

Press Release: New Novel Announcement

ARGENTA LITERARY PROJECT DARK HEARTS IN THE FOREST: A NEW ADVENTURE IN THE OLD SOUTH By Bruce A. Miles www.ARGENTALIT.com Kit Carson unexpectedly inherits a century old homestead that...
Hunting Vacation in Hawaii? What you Need to know | Hunting Magazine

Going on a Hunting Vacation in Hawaii? Here’s What You Need to Know

Why go Hunting in Hawaii? With so many things to do in Hawaii's capital Honolulu, hunting might not have crossed your mind. But in the...
Storing your firearms and ammo in a gun safe is a good safety measure | Hunting Magazine

6 Essential Reasons You MUST Own a Gun Safe

It is incredible to see that many hunters still don’t use gun safes to keep their firearms safely locked away. The truth is that...
Taruca Outdoor Modern Safari and Hunting Apparel for Women

Taruca Outdoor Launches World’s 1st Modern Safari and Hunting Apparel for Women on Indiegogo.

Custom camo patterns and performance fabrics enhance women's experience in wildlife + outdoors. October 9, 2017— San Antonio, Texas — Taruca Outdoor, a modern hunting...

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